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Casher's is a certified supplier of Axalta Aviation Finishes with offices in the United States and Europe.

Our customers range from small aircraft paint shops to large aircraft manufacturers.

Casher's Aviation Finishes

Axalta Aviation Finishes For Aircraft

A 3.5 VOC compliant, high solids, polyurethane clearcoat designed to deliver high performance, excellent appearance, durability and application as part of the Imron AF700 Basecoat/Clearcoat system. It is formulated to provide balanced performance including smooth appearance, sag resistance and productive dry times.

  • Excellent appearance

  • High performance

  • Can be applied with conventional, HVLP, air-assisted airless, and electrostatic spray equipment using pressure or gravity fluid delivery.

A 3.5 VOC compliant, high solids, polyurethane topcoat designed to deliver high performance, excellent appearance and durability for propeller and rotary aircraft. It is available in factory-packaged whites and mixed colors.

  • High performance

  • Excellent appearance

  • Propeller & Rotary aircraft

  • For use on riveted aircraft and similar general aviation applications

A 3.5 VOC compliant polyurethane topcoat intended for use on aircraft. This high performance topcoat is designed to deliver premium appearance and durability. It is available in factory packaged whites and mixed solid colors. Helicopter paint.

  • High performance

  • Premium appearance

  • Outstanding durability

A chromate-free, epoxy primer that provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance for aerospace applications where a chromate-containing primer is not acceptable. It is designed for direct-topcoat applications and will deliver excellent final appearance due to extremely low texture. This high-solids primer is also designed to provide excellent build, productive dry times and good sanding characteristics. Check out the Corlar 13580S video.

  • Chromate-free

  • Excellent build

  • Good sanding characteristics

  • 13580S can be applied with conventional, HVLP, and electrostatic spray equipment using pressure or gravity feed fluid delivery

Imron® AF700™ Polyurethane Basecoat (ES Quality)

A 3.5 VOC compliant, high solids, high-performance polyurethane basecoat designed for aviation/aerospace applications. It is formulated to deliver excellent appearance and durability and is available in solid, metallic-effect, and pearl-effect mixed colors.

Aircraft Paint supplied by Casher's Aviation

Why Do Customers Choose Casher's? 

Great service from 82 year old company

Licensed to ship hazardous materials internationally

Color matching and custom color creation

Quick spray-out samples

Fast delivery and flexible volumes

Great aircraft paint products



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